Stan James Rules

These are the general betting rules at Stan James:

Our Rules are a guide and reference to the terms by which we do business. Whilst they cover the vast majority of transactions there may be occasions when an occurrence is not covered by our Rules.


In these rare instances we will seek to settle in an equitable and fair manner. However, in the case that our settlement is disputed we will refer the matter to an independent arbiter and abide by their ruling.

Any update or amendment to our Rules will be displayed on our web site.
RULE 1: Limits

The following are the limits that can be won by a single client or syndicate in respect of any one-day’s business. Our operators are not authorised to accept bets that exceed these limits. Any bets taken in error, the limit will stand.

Horse Racing
£250,000 – Horse racing where all the selections are in races governed by a full official service within the UK or Ireland, broadcast live by SIS or an alternative provider, including shows, offs, results and live pictures.

£100,000 – Horse racing in all other countries and selections that are not covered by a full official service, with the exception of bets placed at tote odds in countries other than the UK and Ireland whereby the payout limit is £25,000.

£50,000 – Horse racing bets where one or more of the selections are at UK Tote odds (except tote placepots). The maximum tote return will be no greater than twice and no less than half of the equivalent SP return. The maximum exacta forecast dividend will be no greater than twice and no less than half of the computer straight forecast. Tote bets are not currently accepted from the web site.

£20,000 – Tote Placepots

Best Odds Guaranteed
£25,000 – The maximum bonus per customerfrom best odds guaranteed horse races is £25,000 per day.

Greyhound Racing
£100,000 Greyhound racing where all the selections are in races governed by a full official service within the UK or Ireland, broadcast live by SIS or an alternative provider, including shows, offs, results and live pictures and races covered live by Sky Sports.

£25,000 – All other greyhound races where we advertise acceptance.


Other Sports
£100,000 – All other sports as detailed in their individual rules.

Fixed Odds Number Games
£125,000 – Includes bets on the 49’s and National Lotteries.

Non Sport and Speciality Bets
£25,000 – Includes bets on media and television events such as Eurovision Song Contest, Big Brother etc.
For multiple bets including selections from markets where different limits apply, the maximum payout on the bet will default to the lowest applicable limit.
Where bets are placed on different days, the maximum payout limit will apply to the day that the final selection in the bets were completed and not to the day that the bets were placed.
Any group of customers who have placed the same combination of selections and we believe have been acting as a syndicate will be treated as one customer for the purpose of the above limits.

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RULE 2: Displayed Prices and Information

Bets are accepted at ‘show prices’, as transmitted by the official information service to our office, e.g. SIS. Where a show price is requested, it will apply to that selection in all win and each way bets where it occurs in the telephone call, unless it is clearly indicated otherwise.
Ante-post betting ceases at the final declaration stage and all bets placed after the final declaration stage will be non-runner no bet, Tattersall Rule 4 may apply.
We cannot allow for mistakes, nor accept responsibility for any errors or omissions in respect of accuracy in publishing or issuing of prices or information, despite our every effort to ensure total accuracy and reserve the right to correct these errors. If any bet is accepted in error containing an incorrect price, bets will stand at the correct price. This rule applies to both pre-event and in-play markets. If any bet is accepted in error containing an incorrect handicap, spread, or total, bets will be void irrespective of the outcome.

If an error in respect of price is noticed prior to the start of an event, Stan James shall endeavour to contact the Customer to allow the choice of cancelling the bet by mutual consent prior to the event beginning, otherwise the bet will stand with the correct price.

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RULE 3: Dead Heats

When a dead heat occurs for first place, the stake money on the winning selection will be divided by the number of winners and full odds paid on the reduced stake. The remainder of the stake is lost.
Where an each way bet involves a dead heat winner, the win part of the bet will be settled as above and the place part will be settled in full, in accordance with the relevant place terms. Should the dead heat involve placed selections and results in more than the allocated number of places, then the stakes will be divided, as before and settled to the full place terms.

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RULE 4: Tattersalls Rule 4

When a selection is withdrawn prior to the start of an event, remaining selections may be subject to a Rule 4. The following table lists the rate of deduction dependent on the price of the withdrawn selection.

Price at time of withdrawal Amount deducted from winnings
1/9 Or Shorter 90p in the £
2/11 to 2/17 85p in the £
1/4 to 1/5 80p in the £
3/10 to 2/7 75p in the £
2/5 to 1/3 70p in the £
8/15 to 4/9 65p in the £
8/13 to 4/7 60p in the £
4/5 to 4/6 55p in the £
20/21 to 5/6 50p in the £
Evens to 6/5 45p in the £
5/4 to 6/4 40p in the £
13/8 to 7/4 35p in the £
15/8 to 9/4 30p in the £
5/2 to 3/1 25p in the £
10/3 to 4/1 20p in the £
9/2 to 11/2 15p in the £
6/1 to 9/1 10p in the £
10/1 to 14/1 *we do not apply rule 4’s of 5p in the £.
If over 14/1 then no deduction
In the event of more than one selection priced between 10/1 and 14/1 being withdrawn prior to the start of an event, remaining selections will be subject to the relevant Rule 4.

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RULE 5: Settlement of Bets

Bets are settled on the official result as declared immediately following the event subject to any other provision in our Rules. Where a result is amended after the official result is declared, for example as a result of a successful appeal, the amendment will be ignored for settlement purposes.
Where bets or parts of bets are made void, stakes on singles will be refunded, but on multiple bets, the void selection will be treated as a non-runner.
Enhanced multiples are offered for a range of sports. The combined odds of the selections will be increased and presented as one price. The enhanced multiple cannot be combined with any of the selections involved, if accepted in error bets will be treated in accordance with Rule 8: Related Contingencies under General Betting Rules.
If one or more of the selections involved in the enhanced bet is void or a push for betting purposes, the bet will stand on the remaining selections and will be settled at the prices available at the time the bet was placed.
All bets are settled strictly on their merits and no plea of precedence will be accepted.
We cannot guarantee to pay or correct any returns, if they have not been claimed within six months of the official result.
For the purpose of settling each way doubles, trebles etc. they are calculated as 2 distinct bets, i.e. win to win and place to place.
If two selections are engaged with the same name and both selections are still to run at the time of acceptance, provided that no time has been given, the bets will be settled on the runner without a suffix for the country of origin e.g. USA, IRE.
In all cases of incorrect or incomplete instructions, the bet will be taken as win, unless each way is stated.
For Horse and Greyhound racing, where two selections are nominated in the same market and no instructions given, then the bet will be settled as a straight forecast, or a combination forecast where three or more selections are nominated.
Where a win or each way bet is requested with nominated selections in the same market, the bet will be settled as singles with the stake divided equally.
In multiple bets, where two or more selections are in the same market, the stakes will be divided equally where the selections meet in the bet i.e. 2 selections in doubles and upwards, in the same race will be settled as follows- stake single on each selection where they meet in doubles; winnings follow through to trebles and onwards and settled on the remaining selections as standard.

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RULE 6: Ante-Post

Ante-Post prices are those offered on:
A Horse Race prior to the final declaration stage.
On occasion we will offer “Non-runner No Bet” (NR-NB) before the final declaration stage as a concession. This will not incur a Tattersalls’ Rule 4 deduction(s) unless clearly stated on the race market with “Rule 4 may apply”. Please note that any bets placed on the NR-NB markets will not qualify for the Best Odds Guaranteed concession.
A Greyhound race prior to the day of the race (Unless special conditions are advertised).
Sporting events as advertised 4 or more days before the scheduled start of the match or competition.
Ante-post bets are accepted on the basis of “all in run or not”, i.e./ stakes are lost if the selection does not take part, if there was a possibility of it winning at the time the bet was laid.
For Win and place multiple accumulator bets the place part of an each way bet, the fraction odds and number of places relating to each event, are those pertaining on the date of acceptance.
Place only bets and forecast bets are not accepted Ante-post, unless advertised otherwise.
Bets are executed at the price ruling at the time of acceptance. We reserve the right to correct any obvious errors.
All Ante-post selections will be made void if:
The race or event is abandoned.
The race or event is officially declared void.
The conditions or venue of the race or event are altered, after the bet is struck.
The race is reopened or additional runners (other than known reserves) are added.
A horse is balloted out. In this instance, the liabilities against the horses remaining are reduced at the rate in accordance with Tattersalls Rule 4 depending on the odds currently available on the balloted out selection(s).
Where the same selection is backed to win two or more events in an Ante-post accumulator bet, a special price will apply, irrespective of the individual odds quoted. See Rule 8, Related Contingencies.
For credit accounts, the investments on Ante-post bets are accepted up to the agreed credit limit, but are not included for accounting purposes until the settlement of the selection. However the value of the stake will be deducted from the current available balance.

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RULE 7: Rigging

Where there is evidence of Price, Race, Match or Event rigging, we reserve the right to withhold payment, pending the outcome of any subsequent investigation and ultimately to declare bets on that event as void.
Where evidence of rigging exists or where there is evidence of a series of bets each containing the same selection(s), having been placed by or for the same individual or by a syndicate of individuals, we reserve the right to require claims for payment to be submitted in writing to our Customer Service Department.
In the event of an official enquiry in relation to suspicious betting activity surrounding an event, we reserve the right to disclose confidential information to the sports governing body or their representatives, on the condition that they consent to keeping such information confidential.

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RULE 8: Related Contingencies

Except where advertised, multiple bets are not accepted where the outcome of one part of the bet contributes to the outcome of the other. If taken in error, the stakes will be equally divided where they clash e.g. £10 double on Manchester United to win the match and Manchester United to win at half time and full time, would be settled as 2 x £5 singles.
However, where the related parts of the bet are resolved at different times, the bet will be settled as instructed, with the price for the subsequent legs being determined at each individual stage. E.g. Murray to win his semi final at 10/11 and Murray to win the tournament outright at 3/1 would be settled as Murray for the semi final at 10/11 and the price for Murray to win the final at the odds after the completion of the semi final.
If when placing a multiple bet online, your betslip contains some related selections or markets, then only the unrelated multiples will be placed – this will be reflected in your stake. Returns may only be claimed on valid unrelated bets. If you are in doubt as to which of your selections are related, please contact our Customer Service team for a full explanation. Stakes can not be refunded on bets placed in error.
Special related prices may be available on some events. These will be displayed on our text pages and can also be found on our website.

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RULE 9: Betting in Play

We bet In Play on a selection of live events. Whilst we endeavour to ensure that the odds displayed are current, the nature of live betting means that, on occasions, these will differ from those available at the time you call. The odds confirmed to you at the time of bet acceptance will determine settlement.
When placing a bet in play, as soon as you have given your account number and the details of your bet you will be told that ‘your bet is on’. Whatever happens in play after this point will not affect the fact that your bet has been accepted. For debit card account bets you may be told, ‘Your bet is on, subject to bank card authorisation’. Again, whatever happens in play after this point will not affect the fact that your bet has been accepted on the condition that we gain authorisation for the transaction.
Any request for “In Play” price quotations are deemed as price requests and not a request for a bet, subsequent price changes may take place after the initial quotation of prices.
Please note that a time delay is applied for in-play bets placed via the web site.

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RULE 10: Arbitration

The current balance and transaction history of your account may be viewed at any time. Should there be any claim or dispute arising from a past or current transaction please Contact Us. If we are unable to settle the dispute we will refer the dispute to an arbiter, such as IBAS, whose decision will be final subject to full representation given to all parties involved.
Settlement of wagers on American sports: In all cases wagers on American sports will be settled using statistics and results as provided by each sport’s governing body, (obvious errors excepted). The relevant governing bodies are as follows, NFL, NCAAF, CFL, NBA, NCAAB, NHL, MLB, NASCAR, MLS and the PGA tour.
No dispute regarding any wager will result in litigation, court action or objection to a bookmakers licence or permit unless we fail to implement the advice given by arbitration.
Details of IBAS are set out below:


IBAS is an authoritative, totally independent third party offering adjudication for customers who have an unresolved betting dispute with their bookmaker. Stan James is a registered IBAS bookmaker.

IBAS Commitment

To guarantee impartiality and fairness to both parties.
To look at each case independently.
To adjudicate each case on its merits, taking into account bookmakers’ rules.
To manage a comprehensive, up-to-date register of bookmakers who, as members, have declared an intention to abide by IBAS rulings on betting disputes.
To maintain a panel of experts (unconnected with the bookmaking industry) possessing the necessary experience and understanding to provide authoritative arbitration.
To give the appropriate amount of care and attention to all disputes.
To ensure confidentiality regarding all communications at all times during the arbitration process.

How Does IBAS Work?

Disputes are referred to the service via a standard IBAS arbitration form on which full details of the dispute should be provided. IBAS does not under any circumstances rule on disputes in person or over the telephone.

Procedure for Ruling on a Disputed Bet

Only when the Service Manager is completely satisfied that all other methods of resolving a dispute have been exhausted, will our panel of experts be instructed to offer their adjudication.

Customer calls the IBAS number, +44 (0) 207 347 5883, (English language only), available 24 hours a day – requesting an arbitration form. For all other contact details please visit the IBAS website.
Customer carefully completes the form with all relevant information / evidence.
On receipt of the form, the Service Manager will if he considers it appropriate, refer the dispute to the IBAS panel for adjudication.

On completion of the panel’s adjudication, both parties will be informed in writing of the decision.

Is an IBAS Ruling Enforceable?

All bookmakers operating within IBAS are registered with the service and have declared an intention to abide by an IBAS ruling. Any bookmaker registered who fails to fulfil that commitment will be removed from the register.

IBAS Aims/Objectives

To strive for a better understanding between bookmaker and their customers.
To campaign for consistency, clarity and fairness in the rules by all the bookmakers.
To advise both bookmakers and customers of common types of invalid or unacceptable bets in an attempt to reduce the number of disputes.
To encourage registered bookmakers to display the IBAS symbol on their premises, or website, ( demonstrating their commitment to the customer.
To seek continual improvement to IBAS for the benefit of both customers and bookmakers.

IBAS Contact Details
PO Box 62639
Telephone number: 0207 347 5883
FAX Number: 0207 347 5882
Web site:
Email enquiries:

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Betting Rules for Individual Sports
RULE 11: Rules Applicable to all Sports

In the case of abandoned matches, or matches where the original scheduled amount of play is changed, (for example, a reduction in the number of overs in a cricket match) except where specifically stated otherwise, bets will be settled on the current result if further play could not affect that result. For example if a football match has been abandoned but the number of corners has already exceeded the maximum number specified, then further play could not affect that result.
Any multiple bet reduced by a void, abandoned or postponed match will stand for the remaining selections, irrespective of the minimum number of selections required.
Place terms on sports betting are those that were relevant at the time that the bet was placed. If you place an each-way bet and you are uncertain as to the current place terms you should ask the telephonist to confirm them at the time. Place terms on Horse and greyhound racing, with the exception of ante post are those that were relevant at the start of the race.
In the event that the number of scheduled sets/legs to be played is changed (For example a match that was originally scheduled to be played over five sets being reduced to three), then match bets will stand but set betting will be made void.
Unless specifically stated otherwise in our Rules for each individual sport, bets on any 2 runner market that ends in a tie or draw, or exactly the number of points quoted, where no price was offered for that eventuality, will be made void and stakes returned. Dead heat Rules will apply for bets placed on markets with 3 or more runners unless stated otherwise.
With the exception of Antepost markets, unless specifically stated otherwise in our Rules for individual sports, bets on abandoned or postponed matches or races, will be made void unless rescheduled within the next 24 hour period. Bets on postponed events or tournaments, such as a bet on a golfer or tennis player to win a tournament will stand for one full week from the original scheduled start date, after which time they will be made void. Bets on Antepost markets will stand until the event is completed or officially cancelled.
Set, Frame and Leg Markets: The full number of sets/frames/legs required to win the match must be achieved. If circumstances, for whatever reason, prevail so the match is awarded to a contestant before this is achieved, then set/frame and leg betting on that match will be made void.
Handicaps. The handicap is added to the team after the final result.
In the event of a change of opponent from the one advertised, then all bets are void.
Unless stated otherwise, if a match changes to a neutral or alternate venue all bets on that match placed for the previous venue will be void. If we issue new prices for the game being played at the neutral ground, then it is the backers responsibility to be aware of this.
We reserve the right to refuse the whole or part of any bet and to make ambiguous bets void.
We reserve the right to suspend any or all betting on a market at any time without notice.
In-Play match betting. If a match is not completed all bets will be void unless further play could not effect the result.

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